Ponies Galore! Important Dates of 2013

January 14 - 26th anniversary of the purchase of Torchlight, my first horse
February 15 - Madoc Pippi Longstocking's 13th birthday
February 19 - would have been Galore's Sweet Revenge's 20th birthday
February 27 - would have been Torchlight's 31st birthday
March 16 - Shady Grove's Mandolin's 8th birthday and 6th anniversary of the passing of my beloved Torchlight
March 26 - Flying Colors Dark of the Moon's 29th birthday
April 4 - Shady Grove's Dulcimer's 8th birthday
April 9 - Galore's Picture Perfect's 3rd birthday
April 19 - Galore's Prince Charming's 4th birthday
April 25 - Galore's Joy N Dreams' 12th birthday
April 26 - Mar-Jon Schillings's 9th birthday
April 29 - Galore's Talladega Knight's 5th birthday
April 30 - Galore's Bronze Electra's 3rd birthday
April 29, 30 & May 1  - Minnesota Horse Expo, Minnesota State Fairgrounds
May 2 - Galore's Fifth Avenue's 9th birthday
May 6 - Galore's Easy To Spot's 9th birthday
May 8 - Phantom Bronze Knight's 25th and Galore's Easy Lover's 7th birthdays
May 9 - Galore's Panache's 7th birthday
May 14 - Galore's Sea Breeze's 7th and Galore's Easy on the Eyes' 5th birthdays
May 15 - 8th anniversary of the passing of Galore's Sweet Revenge
May 17 - Galore's Unfourgettable's 11th birthday
May 21 - Galore's PhantaSea's 8th birthday
May 24 - Young's Kwik N Easy's 21st birthday
May 25 - Galore's Three Cheers' 11th birthday
May 30 - Sheyenne Scarlett's 13th birthday
May 31 - Galore's Wicked Trickster's 10th birthday
June 1 - Galore's Second To None's 13th and Clear Meadows Fancy Free's 5th birthdays
June 2 - Galore's Splash of Flash's 16th birthday
June 9 - Galore's Royal Elegance's 12th birthday
June 10 - Flying Colors Rainbow Trail's 20th and Galore's Sea of Roses 12th birthdays
June 11 - would have been Lady June's 23rd birthday
June 12 - Galore's First Edition's 12th birthday
June 14 - Galore's Des Colores' 15th and Flying Colors Gold Star's 13th birthdays
June 18 - Ironhorse Jump For Joy's 18th birthday
June 20 Galore's Easy To Please's 11th birthday
June 25 - Galore's Sweet SeaCret's 10th birthday
July 3 - Super Nova's 16th birthday
July 14 - Galore's Goin' Solo's 18th birthday
July 15 - Galore's Blazing Star's 18th birthday
August 6 - 16th anniversary of the purchase of my first three Welsh ponies!
September 6 - Flying Colors Stars N Stripes' 28th birthday
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