Supreme and Multi-WPCSA Regional Champion
2000 Section A Welsh mare
Below, as a young foal at in Texas.
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2001 Heart of Minnesota Silver Show, August 11 & 12, 2001
4th - Section A fillies 2 & under - Dana Caudle

2001 Heart of Minnesota Welsh Classic Bronze Show, September 8, 2001
1st - Section A fillies 2 & under - Suzan Stevens

2001 Minnesota Welsh High Point Reserve Champion - Section A fillies 2 & under

2002 Heart of Minnesota Welsh Silver Show, June 22, 2002
2nd - Section A fillies 2 & under - Marsha Himler
1st - Section A fillies 2 & under - Susan Stepney

2002 Welsh of Wisconsin Summer Silver Show, July 20 & 21, 2002
3rd - Section A fillies 2 & under - Dana Caudle
5th - Section A fillies 2 & under - Norman Kalinski
1st - Showmanship 12 to 17, shown by Amanda Ley - Norman Kalinski

2002 Heart of Minnesota Welsh Classic, August 10, 2002
1st - Section A fillies 2 & under - Colleen Wing
1st - Section A fillies 2 & under - Kathryn Hakes
Reserve Grand Champion Section A - Colleen Wing
Reserve Supreme Champion - Colleen Wing
1st - HMNW Futurity, Section A 2-year-olds - Kathryn Hakes

2002 Minnesota Welsh High Point Champion - Section A fillies 2 & under

2002 WPCSA North Central Region Champion - Section A fillies 2 & under
2006 Section A gelding, by Galore's Splash of Flash
2010 Section B mare, by Phantom Bronze Knight
Sire: Brookside Starry Knight
Dam: Dandardel Misty
Pedigree Highlights: Friars Ranger, Coed Coch
Madog, Farnley Sirius, Coed Coch Serenllys,
Tanybwlch Berwyn
Foaled: February 15, 2000
Color: bay sabino with roaning, blaze and four stockings
Height: 11.3 hands
Foal Theme: In keeping with Welsh tradition, Pippi's foals'
names begin with the letter P.
Breeding status: Open for 2014. Scheduled to be bred
Galore's Bronze Cupid in 2015.

Pippi is an outstanding mare. She simply floats when she moves and has fantastic form over fences. Pippi was purchased on her
pedigree alone, over the Internet. She made the trip up from Texas in September of 2000. Pippi handled the six-day trip in stride and
arrived totally unaffected. She marched off the van like she'd done it a thousand times and immediately claimed the farm as her own.
She is truly one of my favorites.

Pippi is a powerhouse in a pretty, petite package. Her trot can take your breath away and she has tremendous jumping ability. Pippi
has lovely conformation - tiny head and ears, awesome shoulder, good topline and ample bone and substance. She just keeps
improving as she's matured.

Pippi has an outstanding show record with limited show ring appearances in 2001, 2002 and 2011. Pippi's dam,
Dandardel Misty,
has many Championships to her credit and was a member of one of JD Orear's favorite draft teams, with team mate
Dandardel Sea
. Pippi's sire Brookside Starry Knight has done very well in the halter ring in Canada and the US, as have his sire, *Friars
Sweet William
(now deceased), and his dam, *Friars Seren Goch.

Pippi had her first foal in 2006 by Supreme Champion Galore's Splash of Flash. Galore's Panache aka "Spike" is line bred
Farnley Sea Urchin and resembles him in color, markings and conformation. Pippi's 2009 foal, Galore's Bronze Prince, is a
Section B gelding by
Phantom Bronze Knight. Her 2010 filly, also by Knight, Galore's Picture Perfect, has been retained for my
breeding program. All Pippi babies are ultra-adorable, sweet and will blow you away with their movement....just like their dam.

MANY THANKS to Mary Alice Williams of Madoc Welsh Ponies and Cobs, Texas, for allowing me to purchase my darling Pippi!
2009 Section B gelding, by Phantom Bronze Knight