The mission of Ponies Galore! is to produce talented, versatile, safe Welsh and Welara ponies
for the show and performance rings. We focus on wonderful temperaments, outstanding movement,
athleticism and the all-important Welsh type, conformation, and attitude!
The Ponies Galore! motto: PERFORMANCE...PLUS!
My prefix and farm name are derived from the nickname of Fauns Baby
, dam of my foundation mare Flying Colors Dark of the Moon. That
nickname is
Pony Galore. My prefix "Galore's" was registered with the
Welsh Pony and Cob Society of America in 1998.
The Ponies Galore! breeding program is based mainly on
, and Liseter Welsh lines, in addition to old fashioned Arabian lines,
many tracing to the stallion
For more in-depth information on my breeding program,
click on the logo at the left.
*Life member of the Welsh Pony and Cob Society of America (WPCSA)
*Life member of the American Welara Pony Registry (AWPR)
*Member of the Arabian Horse Association (AHA)
*Member of United States Equestrian Federation (USEF)
Me at 2 years of age, being lead around by my Godmother,
Connie on her Quarter Horse gelding, "Lucky"
Me on my first horse "Torchy"
at one of our first horse shows
My first three Welsh ponies - Galore's Des Colores, Galore's Goin' Solo and
Galore's Blazing Star - in 1997
My first foal, Galore's First Edition at
10 days old
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Contact information:
Heidi Tschida
Ponies Galore! Welsh Hunter & Performance Ponies
Hugo, Minnesota  (612) 750-7080
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Since 2004, I have been proud to feed ADM feeds!
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I highly recommend these books if you have an interest in Welsh ponies and cobs, breeding, or Hunters.

Welsh Ponies and Cobs, Wynne Davies, J.A. Allen & Company Limited
*The Welsh Mountain Pony, Wynne Davies, J.A. Allen & Company Limited
An Introduction to Welsh Ponies and Cobs, Wynne Davies, Whittet Books
*The Welsh Pony, Wynne Davies, J.A. Allen
*The History of the Welsh Pony, Tom Best, Medina Publishing Ltd.
The Pony Breeder's Companion - A Practical Guide for Owners and Breeders, Caroline Nesbitt, Howell
Blessed Are The Broodmares, M. Phyllis Lose, VMD, Howell Book House
Blessed Are The Foals, M. Phyllis Lose, VMD, Howell Book House
Foal To Five Years, Ann Hyland, Ward Lock Limited
Centered Riding, Sally Swift, St. Martin's/Marek
Hunter Seat Equitation, George H. Morris, Doubleday
The American Jumping Style, George H. Morris, Doubleday
*Riding and Jumping Clinic, Anne Kursinski, Doubleday
The deNemethy Method, Bertalan deNemethy, Doubleday
Judging Hunters and Hunter Seat Equitation, Anna Jane White-Mullin, Trafalgar Square Publishing
Horse and Rider - From Basics To Show Competition, Judy Richter, Arco Publishing, Inc.
*Fit To Show, Frank Madden and Bill Cooney, Arco Publishing, Inc.
Grooming to Win, Susan E. Harris, Charles Scribner's Sons
*To The Nines, Jennifer Chong, Alpine Publications
*Heidi Tschida - me, a horse and pony lover for as long as I can remember. My earliest childhood memories
are of me riding my Aunt Connie's Quarter Horse gelding,
Lucky. I began taking riding lessons at Shadow
Creek Stables in Forest Lake, Minnesota, at age 9. Shortly after my parents relented and bought
Torchy for
me, I started taking Hunt Seat lessons from Tom King, who owned Carriage House Stables in Hugo,
Minnesota. At Tom's urging, I soon moved
Torchy to Mary Armstrong's Brookside Farm, also in Hugo.
Under Mary's tutelage,
Torchy and I began showing on the Minnesota Hunter Jumper Association circuit and
won our first blue ribbon at the River Bend Stables Horse Show. In 1992, I switched trainers and continued
showing on the MHJA circuit through the 1996 show season. After buying, training and reselling several
off-the-track Thoroughbreds, I purchased my first Welsh ponies in August of 1997 and Ponies Galore! was

Jon Engstrom, DVM - I've tried the rest and returned to the best...Jon is my primary vet and works for
Stillwater Equine. His "glass half full" attitude and after-hours dedication are a godsend! And then there are
the countless 'Jon-isms' which always make me laugh;) Jon, I can't thank you enough!
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