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Robbaz Net Worth – $1 million

What is Robbaz’s net worth?


Robbaz describes his videos as being “like the Magic School Bus minus the magic and learning.”

His irreverent comparison to the 90’s animated children’s series that raised a generation probably isn’t far off the mark—but there’s plenty of magic on Robbaz’s channel.

Robbaz stands out in a sea of social media gamers and live streamers with his charisma, his sense of humor, and his willingness to branch out from the mainstream video games to try the unconventional—and the downright weird.

His personality has earned him hundreds of thousands of Twitch followers and a pretty magical 400 million YouTube views.

Here’s what we know about the quirky and hilarious young Swede who plays games for a living.

The Origin Story

Robert Öberg was born on May 11, 1990, in Sweden.

His gamertag, Robbaz, was a common nickname for Robert growing up.

In Swedish, Robert is Robban, and Robbaz was a casual term for that.

Before Robbaz climbed to fame on social media, he and his family were dealt a devastating blow when his father passed away.

In the aftermath of his father’s passing, Öberg suffered from depression and bouts of anxiety.

Fortunately for his young followers, Öberg would be open to discussing his own mental health issues when he built his social media platform years later.

He explained that YouTube helped him a lot and that talking honestly about his struggles with other people is what helped him get through hard times.

He graduated from high school with a chef’s qualification and continues to live in Northern Sweden, close to his family and friends.

Öberg describes himself as a quiet guy who mostly keeps to himself (he’s single right now) and suffers from some social anxiety and a fear of strangers.

An Obsession—Or Three

Öberg is a big fan of walruses—yes, the animals.

He even went so far as to get a pet Horker—it’s a giant, walrus-like creature in the game, Skyrim.

Robbaz also has a pet polar bear on the gaming platform.

The delightfully quirky gamer is also fascinating with corgis—the kind that Queen Elizabeth has.

In his early days on ZombiU, Robbaz mentioned the diminutive doggos in one of his gameplay videos.

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He went on to call them his Kerbal’s “sworn enemies” in a Kerbal Space Program Let’s Play.

Fans then noticed that in a Clash of Kings live stream, he had adopted a corgi as his house sigil and that his Sims had bought a couple of corgis of their own—who later had puppies.

The Swedish entertainer also created an episode of Corgi Engineering in Besiege.

While Robert has always been a fan of video games and isn’t afraid to branch out to the unconventional ones, he is probably most well-known in the gaming community for playing Skyrim, Sims 3 and 4, and Kerbal Space Program.

A Rising Star

Öberg launched his YouTube channel back in 2006 and started posting consistently several years later.

Initially, his videos were short game tests and gameplay videos for Fallout, Dead Rising 2, and Mass Effect.

His Dead Rising 2 videos were a hit with the gaming community at the time and helped Robert to grow his following.

His Welcome to moonbase video, posted in 2010, would draw half a million viewers to his relatively unknown channel.

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A New Direction

Robert had a new plan by 2011 and changed his video format.

He started doing full voiceovers as he played—taking his channel and the production quality of his videos more seriously.

The new format was a hit, and the video garnered more than a million views in a relatively short time.

Another passion of Öberg’s was Vikings.

In fact, many of his fans started to affectionately refer to it as Robbaz’s obsession.

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His Viking Commentary series—where he proclaimed himself “Robbaz King of Sweden”—was a nerdgasmic blend of entertainment, gaming education, and suspense.

He dropped the King of Sweden references and toned down some of his other signature lines over time.

Aside from Skyrim, Sims, and Kerbal Space Program, Robbaz has featured a whole host of other games on his channel.

So far, viewers have gone along for the Robbaz ride in games like Battlefield 3 and 4, ZombiU, Saints Row IV, GTA V, Mount & Blade, and From The Depths.

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Welcome To Twitch

In 2019, Robbaz made an announcement that he’d be predominantly focusing his gameplay and posting to Twitch.

His 1.5 million YouTube fans flocked to the gamers’ platform to watch him stream for a few hours a day in a variety of genres.

Although he didn’t specifically explain the move, fans have speculated that his content wasn’t ad-friendly for YouTube.

Twitch, on the other hand, allows fans to donate and subscribe, which helps support the young gamer.

Robbaz – Net Worth

So, how much is Robbaz worth?Öberg earned most of his wealth from ads on YouTube, sponsorships, merch, and streaming on Twitch. On YouTube, Öberg has more than 434 million views, meaning about $1.3 million in revenue before taxes. Therefore, Swedish YouTube star Robbaz has an estimated net worth of $1 million.

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