1988 Section B Welsh stallion
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2003 Heart of Minnesota Welsh Classic, September 27 & 28, 2003
1st - Section B stallions 3 & over - Norman Kalinski
1st - Section B stallions 3 & over - Annique Cohen-Wichner

2003 Heart of Minnesota Welsh High Point Reserve Champion Section B stallion 3 & over

2004 Heart of Gold Show I, June 18 & 19, 2004
2nd - Section B stallions 3 & over - Suzan Stevens

2004 Heart of Gold Show II, June 19 & 20, 2004
2nd - Section B stallions 3 & over - Marsha Himler

2004 Great Lakes Regional Gold Show, August 28 & 29, 2004
4th - Section B stallions 3 & over - Elizabeth Mansfield
4th - Section B stallions 3 & over - Molly Rinedollar

2004 Heart of Minnesota Welsh High Point Reserve Champion Section B stallion 3 & over

Galore's Easy To Spot
2004 Section B colt, out of
Young's Kwik N Easy
Galore's PhantaSea
2005 Half Welsh mare, out of
Lady June
Galore's Sea Breeze
2006 Half Welsh filly, out of
Lady June
Cllynncopa Alydar,
1994 Section B gelding out of
Windridge Royal Anne
Gwyndar Midas Touch,
2004 Section B colt, out of
Rosewood Rosa-Rey
Northern-Cross Golden Occasion,
2002 Section B stallion out of
*Russetwood Romance
Northern-Cross Silver Knight,
2003 Section B colt out of
*Cadlan Valley Miss Wales
Northern-Cross Triana,
2003 Section B mare out of
Northern-Cross Edelweiss
Northern-Cross Cavalcade,
2003 Section B colt out of
Northern-Cross Aconite
Photo courtesy Andrea Hard.
Photo courtesy Judy Felbel
Photo courtesy Judy Felbel
Whispering Bronze Berwyn,
2004 Section B gelding, out of
*Phoenix Silver Pheasant
Galore's Talladega Knight
2008 Section B colt, out of
Galore's Fifth Avenue
Photo courtesy Steppe Farm
Galore's Electra
2010 Section B filly, out of
Mar-Jon Schilling
Galore's Bronze Prince
2009 Section B gelding, out of
Madoc Pippi Longstocking
Galore's Picture Perfect
2010 Section B filly, out of
Madoc Pippi Longstocking
Section B Welsh stallion
*Snow Pony Blondus
Dam: *Cymbeline's Jet Beauty
Pedigree Highlights: Criban Victor, Clan Tony, Tanybwlch Berwyn,
Bryntirion Rowan, Brockwell Berwyn, Coed Coch Blaen Lleuad,
Solway Master Bronze, Weston Gigli
Foaled: May 8, 1988
Color: chestnut, grey/flaxen mane and tail, blaze, both hind stockings
Height: 12.3 hands

Knight is a dream come true. The search for a Section B stallion began
in March of 2000. Fate made us hold out until the absolutely perfect one
came along. Knight is an impeccably-bred stallion with wonderful old
breeding up close. The pedigrees printed on Knight's American and
Canadian papers list
Criban Victor, Berwyn Beauty, Brockwell
Berwyn, Solway Master Bronze
and Reeves Fairy Lustre. Criban
Knight's great-grandsire, needs no introduction, but this
venerable Champion was also known for his kind temperament.
Knight great-granddam, was respectable in the show ring, but
her true strength was as a broodmare. Her produce includes the great
Coed Coch Berwynfa, *Coed Coch Blaen Lleaud
(both in Knight's pedigree as well), *Coed Coch Ballog, Brockwell
and the Champion-producing mare Brockwell Beauty Queen.
Brockwell Berwyn
, Knight's grandsire, won many prizes in young stock
classes and went on to stand at stud at Twyford, Baylaurel and
Cymbeline Studs.
Solway Master Bronze was a halter and ridden
Champion, but is best known for siring Champion offspring, noted for
excellent temperaments.
Reeves Fairy Lustre, another of Knight's great-granddams, was the winner of many
important Championships, including the 1973 Royal Welsh Show Championship. She went on to produce
Champions for the Elphicks Stud.

Knight has fabulous conformation...awesome shoulder, short back, elegant neck, good bone and substance,
long neck and small head with huge, soft eyes. He has the breathtaking movement and athleticism I require in
all of my ponies. Knight's temperament is simply outstanding. He is very kind, quiet and sweet and LOVES to
cuddle. Even when he trumps up, you never feel him on the end of the lead rope.

Knight's foals are born athletes with wonderful movement and excellent temperaments. Though he has not
been used a lot for breeding in his life, every offspring I have knowledge of is of high quality. His Half Welsh
Galore's Sea Breeze just made her show debut and was named Grand Champion Half Welsh by 2
out of 3 judges and was High Point Half Welsh as well.

More information on Knight, including show record and foal photos, can be found by clicking below. On-line
video is coming soon.
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