1982 Thoroughbred gelding
Jockey Club L33503
PHR  P0001361
USEF  96634
Torchy Tune
Dam: Comet Chico
Pedigree Highlights: Nasrullah, Tudor Minstrel,
Mahmoud, Seductor, Jet Pilot
Foaled: February 27, 1982, in Ocala, Florida
Died: March 16, 2007, 10:45 PM
Color: bay, small star and left hind pastern
Height: 15.3 hands

Torchy was my very best friend and had been since 1987.
My parents finally relented in the Fall of 1986 and said I
could get a horse. The search was on! After many
disappointing trips to look at horses, I received three phone
calls about five year old Thoroughbred from a
dealer, one from a former owner, and one from a friend of a
friend. All three calls ended up being about the same horse...

I went to the dealer's farm to look. He had another gelding for me to try first. He was nothing special. I then got on THE horse. He
bucked all the way down the long side of the arena as soon as I had gotten my feet in the stirrups. Not the best first impression, but
he settled down and I rode him for awhile. My trainer, Evy, who was watching, was amazed that I was actually posting on the
correct diagonal, as this had always been a problem for me. Evy decided to get on and jump him and she loved him. Torchy
officially became mine on January 14, 1987.

Torchy and I showed on the Minnesota Hunter-Jumper Association circuit for 8 years, competeing in Children's Working Hunter,
Long Stirrup Working Hunter, Novice Adult Working Hunter and Adult Amateur Working Hunter. In 1995, Torchy earned a Silver
Stirrup High Point Award from the Performance Horse Registry for his consistency in the Adult Amateur Working Hunter division.
When Ponies Galore! began in 1997, Torchy went to semi-retirement. He was the official babysitter for
Galore's First Edition
when he was weaned in 1999 and did the same each year when the foals were weaned. Torchy played with them, scratched them,
licked them, disciplined them often (most REALLY needed it!), and herded them like cattle, a "trick" he learned years ago from his
Mark Cody, a 14.2 Quarter Horse.

I continued to ride him as often as I could. He helped me keep my sanity, which is often jeopardized dealing with all of my young
and green ponies. He would also allow himself to be used for occasional beginner jumping lessons and was much appreciated by his
green riders.

Torchy had quite a sense of humor, or so he thought! He enjoyed an occasional game of "Keep Away" when it was time to come in
and work and pretended that he's going to buck me off on cool, windy days. He was also the only horse I have ever seen "tip-toe!"
His favorite game, though, was making the stallions talk, and then he would squeal, strike at them, and relish the looks of shock on
their faces!

I noticed Torchy beginning to have trouble breathing on March 8, 2007. The vet came out on March 9 and threated him for
pneumonia. He was rechecked on March 15 and had made no marked improvement, though he continued to eat well and essentially
be his normal self. The decision was made to take him down to the University of Minnesota were they could better assess what was
going on.

As soon as we arrived, his lungs were x-rayed. The x-rays showed a dark area in his right lung. I was given instructions to take him
home and keep him as comfortable as possible and warned that the end could come at any time. I unloaded him that night and put
him in the barn where he began having seizures. The vet was called and he left us at 10:45 PM on March 16, 2007, leaving a
permanent hole in my heart.
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