10 Things To Do In Indianapolis: Complete Guide To Traveling Around Indy (2024)


10 Things To Do In Indianapolis: Complete Guide To Traveling Around Indy (1)

By Nicholas Mayamba


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10 Things To Do In Indianapolis: Complete Guide To Traveling Around Indy (5)

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  • The Complete Travel Guide To Indianapolis, Indiana

Indianapolis, Indiana, is perhaps most famous for being the “racing capital of the world.” It is home to the iconic Indianapolis Motor Speedway, which hosts top-tier events like the Indy 500, Verizon 200, Brickyard 400, and formerly the United States Grand Prix. But those aren’t the only major sporting events in the city. Incredible Indy harbors several professional franchises, including the Indiana Pacers (NBA), Indianapolis Colts (NFL), and Indiana Fever (WNBA), making sports one of the best things to do in Hoosier State.

Sports aside, Indianapolis has a lot more in its bag of goodies. It hosts several award-winning restaurants, boasts a bustling craft beer scene, offers national historic landmarks, and lays claim to the world’s largest children’s museum. Indy has a little bit of everything, which is why it is one of the coolest Midwest cities tourists can visit. Check out the complete travel guide to Indianapolis and all the things to do there.

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The Complete Travel Guide To Indianapolis, Indiana

With so many things to do in Indianapolis, it can be tough to narrow down the itinerary. Here are some of the best things to explore in Indy no matter the length of your trip.

Top Things To Do In Indianapolis

Consider this your Indianapolis travel guide to everything worth seeing!

1 Visit The Indianapolis Motor Speedway

10 Things To Do In Indianapolis: Complete Guide To Traveling Around Indy (6)

The Indianapolis Motor Speedway is the location of the Indianapolis 500, which happens on the Sunday of Memorial Day Weekend.

This iconic racing venue has put Indianapolis on the map for years by hosting top events like the Indianapolis 500 (which offers a fun-filled weekend), U.S. Grand Prix, and Verizon 200. Auto racing fans gather from around the country to cheer and jeer as the rubber meets the tarmac in a battle of speed and agility at this bucket-list Indiana State landmark.

Guests can also visit the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum, which displays exclusive racing car collections and artifacts chronicling a century of racing history and culture.

Inside the museum, the Hall of Fame holds precious records of former drivers and team owners who graced the venue and left a lasting impression on the IMS.

  • Admission and hours: Visit the website to confirm, as these vary depending on the event
  • How much are tickets to the Indy 500? General admission starts at $45

Visitors can take a guided tour for a closer look at the historical arena; it only costs a few extra dollars. While the tour dates may differ depending on the weather, the museum is open year-round between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m.

2 Can You Walk Around Downtown Indianapolis?

10 Things To Do In Indianapolis: Complete Guide To Traveling Around Indy (7)

Indianapolis downtown cityscape, Indiana, USA.

Downtown Indy, also known as “Mile Square,” is the city's heartbeat and features architectural marvels from the late 1800s. This is the perfect walkable spot of Indy. The area offers tourists much to do and discover, with several historic sites, public art, event spaces, and shopping options spread throughout.

History buffs can visit the Indiana War Memorial Plaza Historic District to pay homage to the heroes who fought in different battles in America’s history.

Downtown is also where visitors will find the Old National Center to enjoy a live performance by top musicians or watch a thrilling Indiana Pacers game at the Gainbridge Fieldhouse arena.

Explore the Mile Square with a self-guided audio tour from Walk Indianapolis.

3 Take The Kids To The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis

10 Things To Do In Indianapolis: Complete Guide To Traveling Around Indy (8)

The Children's Museum of Indianapolis has engaging indoor and outdoor exhibits, Indinapolis, Indiana.

Visitors vacationing with their young ones can take them to this magnificent facility dedicated to providing useful learning opportunities to children and satisfying their curiosities.

Established in 1925, the world's largest children’s museum features amazing displays of huge dinosaur fossils that will leave the kids lost for words.

A good example is the Mastodon skeleton from 12,500 years ago. Children can also experience the pirate shipwreck in the planetarium or marvel at multiple interactive galleries exhibiting art pieces and artifacts.

  • Admission: Prices vary depending on days and times (around $19 for adults), confirm on the website
  • Hours: Tuesday to Sunday (10 am – 5 pm, closes at 8 pm on Thursdays)
  • How long does it take to go through the children's museum of Indianapolis? Anywhere from three to five hours, depending on age/interest (and energy!).

Book tickets online to avoid spending more by paying at the gate. Also, visitors can save further by touring the museum on the first Thursday of each month between 4 and 6 p.m., when admission is only $6.


4 Explore The White River State Park

10 Things To Do In Indianapolis: Complete Guide To Traveling Around Indy (9)

Indianapolis, Indiana USA: People enjoy outdoors in downtown Indianapolis, White River State Park

Located in downtown Indy, the White River State Park is a 250-acre outdoor space on the bank of the White River. It hosts diverse attractions that draw visitors in their thousands, including the Indianapolis Zoo, IMAX Theater (largest in the state), and the NCAA Hall of Champions Museum.

Guests can also venture into the water by renting a kayak, Stand-Up paddleboard, or pedal boat to enjoy a laid-back drift down the calm river.

  • Admission: Free
  • Hours: 5 am – 11 pm daily

The White River hosts about five biking and walking trails, such as the Waterfront Trail, Cultural Trail, and River Promenade, that will give vacationers a good workout. Wear comfortable shoes or rent a bike from Wheel Fun Rentals to make the most of these spectacular routes.

5 Cheer The Home Team At Lucas Oil Stadium

10 Things To Do In Indianapolis: Complete Guide To Traveling Around Indy (10)

Lucas Oil Stadium In Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

Indianapolis is one city that revolves around its sports teams (even if the local fans aren’t the most spirited). Lucas Oil Stadium, home of the Indianapolis Colts (NFL), brings fans together in the city's heart to enjoy an exciting football game.

The 67,000-capacity facility features a retractable roof and offers awesome views of the ongoing action.

Attending a football game at the Lucas Oil Stadium is one of the best ways to spend time in Indy, but the facility also hosts concerts; George Strait and Little Big Town are only one example.

For a smooth experience at the Lucas Oil Stadium, arrive two or three hours earlier to get through the security checks and settle down in time for the game. Also, the most convenient parking spots are on the southwest side of the arena.

6 Get Cultured At Newfields

10 Things To Do In Indianapolis: Complete Guide To Traveling Around Indy (11)

Indianapolis - Circa: Exterior of the Indianapolis Museum of Art at Newfields Complex.

Newfields is a complex housing diverse attractions, including the Indianapolis Museum of Art, a greenhouse, gardens, and a nature park. Spanning 152 acres, art lovers can range over 50,000+ art pieces in the IMA, which features collections from Asian art and neoimpressionist paintings.

The facility also boasts the country's largest contemporary art park, Virginia B. Fairbanks Art & Nature Park, where outdoor lovers and conservationists can enjoy a tranquil atmosphere in the green space. This comprises several art installations amidst wetlands and woodlands and a 35-acre lake.

  • Admission: Adults $18, Kids $10
  • Hours: Thur-Sat (11 am - 8 pm), Sun, Tue, & Wed (11 am - 5 pm)

While outside the Newfields complex, be sure to stop by the 1900s Lilly House and The Gardens. This charming French-inspired estate is listed as a National Historic Landmark.

7 Discover Native American History & Culture At Eiteljorg Museum

10 Things To Do In Indianapolis: Complete Guide To Traveling Around Indy (12)

INDIANAPOLIS: Exterior of the Eiteljorg Museum of American Indians and Western Art in Indianapolis, Indiana

One of the more historic things to do in Indianapolis is visiting the Eiteljorg Museum. Tourists interested in Native American and the American West societies will have an eye-opening experience here.

It has the distinction of being the only facility of its kind in the Midwest and houses an impressive permanent collection featuring works by renowned artists like Andy Warhol, Frederic Remington, and Georgia O'Keefe.

However, the museum's highlight is the contemporary Native art collection, which holds special exhibitions on topics like Native American history and the development of Native art. Eiteljorg Museum also hosts the exciting Indian Market and Festival every year.

  • Admission: Adults $15, Youth $8
  • Hours: Monday to Saturday (10 am - 5 pm), Sunday (12 - 5 pm)

Eiteljorg Musem is an excellent attraction for the family and features a kids' dedicated gallery with fun, hands-on experiences like building a sod house and dressing up in Western regalia. There is also a cute gift shop and cafe worth stopping by after the tour.

8 Honor Fallen Heroes At The Indianapolis War Memorial Plaza

10 Things To Do In Indianapolis: Complete Guide To Traveling Around Indy (13)

Indiana Veterans Memorial Plaza in downtown Indianapolis

American war historians will have a surreal experience visiting the iconic Indianapolis War Memorial Plaza. A dedication to veterans, the 25-acre plaza consists of the Indiana World War Memorial and Museum, Soldiers and Sailors Monument, Legion Mall, University Park, USS Indianapolis CA35 Memorial, and Veteran's Memorial Plaza.

It is the second-biggest war memorial plaza after Washington D.C.'s National Mall and features a 30,000-square-foot shrine. There are endless interesting artifacts, relics, and exhibits at the center, including military uniforms and firearms, old manuscripts, and an AH-1 Cobra Attack Helicopter.

  • Admission: Free
  • Hours: Wed-Sun, 9 am - 5 pm

Guests can sign up for a guided tour for a more immersive experience at the Indianapolis War Memorial Plaza. Just remember to book in advance.

9 Uncover The State's History At The Indiana State Museum

10 Things To Do In Indianapolis: Complete Guide To Traveling Around Indy (14)

INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA: Indiana State Museum that houses exhibits of science, art, culture and history of Indiana.

Found within the White River State Park, the Indiana State Museum chronicles the region's past from the Ice Age to what has become of the state today. In the permanent collection, guests can marvel at wonderful exhibits, including an ice cave replica, a dire wolf, and a sabertooth tiger.

Other exhibits recount the history of the state's Native Americans by displaying traditional pottery, artwork, recipes, and navigational techniques used by the day's civilizations before Christopher Columbus's arrival, including the Potawatomi people.

Outside the museum, visitors can also check out the 92 beautiful sculptures, with each representing the state's counties.

  • Admission: Adults $17, Youth $12
  • Hours: Wed-Sun, 10 am - 5 pm

Not too far from the Indiana State Museum is the Central Canal, a delightful 3-mile waterway where vacationers can walk along or rent a kayak for a serene cruise while enjoying the scenes from the water.

10 Savor The Outdoors At Eagle Creek Park

10 Things To Do In Indianapolis: Complete Guide To Traveling Around Indy (15)

Fall Foliage Over Lily Lake at Eagle Creek State Park in Indianapolis, Indiana

Eagle Creek Park is the largest park in the state and spans about 3,900 acres, making it a sweet escape for vacationers with a penchant for secluded natural spaces. There are various fun activities at the park, including hiking over 16 miles of trails, attending summer concerts, and playing a round of golf at the 36-hole golf course.

Those who don't mind getting wet can try fishing at the creek or rent a kayak, canoe, or pedal boat to get on the water. For an adrenaline-rushing experience, Treetop Adventures provides guests with a series of thrilling adventures, combining rope ladders, zip lines, swings, and crossings.

  • Admission: $6 per car, plus $5 per dog
  • Hours: 7 am to sundown

Guests can grab a map at the park's entrance to comfortably navigate their way through the sprawling facility.

11 Best Time To Visit Indianapolis

10 Things To Do In Indianapolis: Complete Guide To Traveling Around Indy (16)

Indianapolis city skyline

The best time for visitors in Indianapolis is from May to August when the weather is warm and ideal for getting out and exploring the city.

Summer is marked by clear skies, plenty of sunshine, and humid conditions, with the temperatures rising to a high of over 83 degrees Fahrenheit in the peak of July.

This is the busiest time for tourists in Naptown, featuring multiple outdoor activities like hiking, biking, and exploring outdoor attractions. As flight and lodging providers hike prices to take advantage of the inflow of travelers, tourists are advised to book well in advance to avoid overspending.

Key summer events include the 4th of July celebrations, Symphony on the Prairie, and the Indiana State Fair.

Pack a swimsuit to cool off in a wading pool or water park when the heat gets unbearable.

For those trying to skip the crowds and avoid the high humidity, the shoulder seasons in spring and fall are an excellent time to visit. Spring hosts the biggest show in town as the Indianapolis 500 race draws fans in their thousands to enjoy the speed spectacle.

During fall, the air is crispy and clean, and the cool colors of fall foliage bring a cheerful vibe to the city. The mild weather allows guests to remain cozy in jeans and a sweater while exploring Indianapolis.

This is a great time to get swept in the festival atmosphere of an Indianapolis Colts game at Lucas Oil Stadium and partake in other festive activities in Indiana during fall, including the Oktoberfest celebrations or the spooky Headless Horseman fall festival.

Winter can be harsh in Indianapolis, lasting three months, with temperatures dipping to a freezing low of 20 degrees Fahrenheit. Several events like the Indianapolis Marathon and Circle of Lights help spread the holiday cheer in winter, but visitors skip town after the New Year’s celebrations.

The best time to travel on a budget is from November to March. Guests can take advantage of great deals during this low season, and hotels offer generous discounts from January to March. Just be ready to brave the Indy cold!

12 Best Ways To Get Around Indianapolis

10 Things To Do In Indianapolis: Complete Guide To Traveling Around Indy (17)

Tourists in downtown Indianapolis, Indiana

Travelers have ample options for moving around the beautiful city of Indianapolis and need not worry about getting from point A to B.

Public transportation

There is every reason to learn the ins and outs of public transportation in a new place, as there is a high likelihood it will come in handy. In Indianapolis, IndyGo operates a public bus transit system to ferry residents. The buses offer 31 fixed routes traversing different areas in the city, making it convenient for tourist expeditions.

IndyGo introduced the Red Line, comprising a fleet of new rapid-transit e-buses covering a 13-mile route from Broad Ripple to the Indianapolis University campus via the downtown district.

These come with luxuries such as phone-charging ports, Wi-Fi, and bike storage, which tourists will find convenient.

  • Hours: Monday to Friday (5 am – 1 am), Saturday (6 am – 1 am), Sunday (7 am – 10 pm), passing at 15-minute intervals
  • Ticket: Red Line ($2), Non-Red Line ($1.75, 1-day pass $4, 7-day pass $20, 31-day pass $60, or $17.50 for 10 trips)

Tourists can download the MyKey app to purchase Red Line tickets digitally.


Indy is an excellent city to explore on two wheels, and its Pacers Bikeshare program boasts more than 500 bikes spread across 50 stations in the downtown area that travelers can grab anytime they feel like cycling. The bikes are available for hire 24/7, accessible at a bike-share kiosk or via an app.

Bike trails abound in the city, with the Indianapolis Cultural Trail among the list of favorites. This state-of-the-art bike path cost the city $63 million and stretches 8 miles, linking five districts in downtown Indy (Mass Ave, the Canal and White River State Park, Fountain Square, the Wholesale District, and Indiana Avenue).

  • Bike rental rates: $1 plus .15 per minute or $125 for an annual pass (unlimited hour-long rentals)

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Those who prefer a less strenuous way of moving around can opt for an electric scooter as a bike alternative. These come in handy when covering short-range travels or bridging the gaps between stops on the IndyGo routes.

However, users can only ride the scooters on the street and bike lanes, never on sidewalks. To rent one, visitors can download an app and then scan a QR code to access the scooter.

  • E-scooter rental rates: $1 plus .30 per minute

Tourists risk a fine when parking their hired electric scooter in restricted areas, including parking spaces and private driveways, or when blocking sidewalk ramps.


Taking a cab is another great option when tourists are unsure where to go or what to see. These can be found at the airport upon arrival and all the way to the downtown district.

Over 30 taxi companies in the city offer this critical service, so it shouldn’t be a problem finding one whenever necessary.

  • Taxi rates: On average, $30-$35 for a 20-minute drive (may vary subject to traffic)

On foot

Those who like to soak in the city’s sights and sounds at a snail’s pace will be glad to know that Indy is also very navigable on foot. The downtown area is especially suitable for walkers thanks to its relatively small size and grid system.

Take this opportunity to explore the lively scene and stores in the area. Still, you’ll need to catch a cab to get to key attractions outside the city’s core, such as the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis.

13 Where To Stay In Indianapolis

10 Things To Do In Indianapolis: Complete Guide To Traveling Around Indy (18)

Soldiers & Sailors Monument, Monument Circle, Indianapolis, IN, USA

Indianapolis is a mesmerizing metropolis split into 237 neighborhoods. Each comes with a unique cultural vibe mixed with trademark Hoosier hospitality to culminate in the perfect setting for first-timers to mingle with locals and learn about their lifestyles.

Guests should have no issues finding a nice neighborhood for their accommodation options. Here are the top areas to stay in while visiting Indianapolis.

Mass Ave

Short for Massachusetts Avenue, Mass Ave is one of the four cultural districts within Indy’s urban core. It is among the city’s most coveted addresses, known for its vibrant atmosphere.

The area features a five-block stretch dotted with art galleries, theaters, restaurants, hotels, shopping centers, and watering holes.

Some nearby attractions include the Old National Center on New Jersey Street, which hosts thrilling live music performances and Broadway productions.

Just across the street, guests can find Rathskeller, the perfect joint to sample authentic German cuisine and beer.

Fall Creek Place

Situated two miles from the downtown area, this upcoming suburb consists of old residential structures being remodeled into modern homes. It boasts an urban core ripe with shopping centers, entertainment options, and lush green parks and open spaces.

There’s plenty to do in Falls Creek, with quaint coffee shops and old-school diners among the highlights. Tourists can also check out the Goose the Market deli or hop into the Koelschip for a refreshing craft beer.

Broad Ripple

Many Indianapolis residents consider Broad Ripple among the town's best places to stay. This scenic neighborhood offers a laid-back vibe and can easily be accessed by bike, electric scooter, or foot. Several businesses feature in the area, culminating in a buzzing atmosphere with so much to do.

From boutiques and restaurants to coffee shops and breweries, there is always something new to be discovered. But if tourists want a break from the hustle and bustle, they can head to the nearby Broad Ripple Park, which offers a calm and quiet environment, perfect for a lazy stroll.

Woodruff Place

Visiting Woodruff Place is like taking a trip down the Midwestern memory lane. This classic neighborhood comprises well-manicured Victorian homes dating back to the 1890s. Esplanades and fountains highlight the streets of the first organized residential neighborhoods in the city.

Some tourist attractions include Beholder, a classy restaurant with fine cuisine and a sophisticated ambiance. Shops, grocery stores, and several taverns also draw visitors to the area, and on every first weekend of June, a summer flea market turns the area into a bee hive of activities.


Speed enthusiasts and drag racing fans converge at the iconic Indianapolis Motor Speedway to witness one of the best shows Indy has to offer. The electric atmosphere when a race with roaring engines and cheering spectators makes for an awesome experience.

However, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway is still worth visiting, even without a race. Several businesses like restaurants, wineries, microbreweries, and distilleries line the area, making it the perfect spot to sample the local nightlife.

14 Top Hotels In Indianapolis

10 Things To Do In Indianapolis: Complete Guide To Traveling Around Indy (19)

View of downtown Indianapolis, Indiana in the United States.

Guests need not worry about finding a nice cozy place to rest and rejuvenate after a long day of exploration and discovery. Indianapolis offers multiple accommodation options that bring out the best of Hoosier hospitality.

Luxury options:

Crowne Plaza at Union Station

  • Address: 123 West Louisiana Street, Indianapolis, IN 46225
  • Cost per night: Starts from $284 for 2 guests
  • Amenities: Complimentary high-speed internet, valet parking, fitness center, coffee machine business center, bar/lounge, an indoor pool, on-site restaurant, tea/coffee maker, room service, express check-out

The Westin Indianapolis

  • Address: 241 West Washington Street, Indianapolis, IN 46204
  • Cost per night: Starts from $255 for 2 guests
  • Amenities: Large flat-screen HD TVs, meeting facilities, fitness center, bar/lounge, coffee machine, coffee shop, Wi-Fi in all areas, valet parking, business center, roll-in shower, cable/satellite TV

Mid-range options:

Courtyard by Marriott Indianapolis Downtown

  • Address: 601 West Washington Street, Indianapolis, IN 46204
  • Cost per night: Starts from $184 for 2 guests
  • Amenities: 24-hour fitness center, complimentary Wi-Fi, air conditioning, valet parking, business center, coffee machine, on-site mini-market, restaurant, bar/lounge, 24/7 front desk

Hotel Broad Ripple

  • Address: 6520 Westfield Boulevard, Indianapolis, IN 46220
  • Cost per night: Starts from $165 for 2 guests
  • Amenities: Free self-parking, meeting/banquet facilities, free internet, coffee machine, room service, free toiletries, bar/lounge, daily housekeeping, snack bar, hairdryer, refrigerator, ironing board

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Budget options:

Sleep Inn & Suites And Conference Center Downtown

  • Address: 1244 West 16th Street, Indianapolis, IN 46202
  • Cost per night: Starts from $109 for 2 guests
  • Amenities: Free Grab n Go Breakfast, microwave, free Wi-Fi, banquet facilities, meeting rooms, iron and ironing board, an indoor pool, refrigerator, desk, flat-screen TV, hair dryer, and a hot tub in some rooms.

Super 8 by Wyndham Indianapolis

  • Address: 4033 East Southport Road, Indianapolis, IN 46237
  • Cost per night: Starts from $62 for 2 guests
  • Amenities: Laundry facilities, free internet, coffee maker, free toiletries, free parking, cable/satellite TV, wake-up service, 23-hour front desk, room service

15 Where To Eat While Visiting Indianapolis

10 Things To Do In Indianapolis: Complete Guide To Traveling Around Indy (20)

Donuts At General American Donut Company In Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

Indianapolis boasts a lively dining scene with a blend of local flavors and international cuisine. Many restaurants focus on farm-fresh and sustainable ingredients to prepare healthy and delicious dishes inspired by creative menus that keep changing depending on the available seasonal produce.

Whether looking for fine or local dining options, there is no shortage of eateries and food houses to cater to all preferences. Here are the best places to eat and drink in Indianapolis.

For breakfast:

Café Patachou

Café Patachou is where Hoosiers go to get a sumptuous serving of the day's most important meal. This quaint joint in downtown Indy offers an interesting menu with creative made-from-scratch dishes like cinnamon, avocado, and prosciutto toasts.

Their delicious omelets feature playful names such as the "Hippie with a Benz.” Café Patachou has four more locations across the Hoosier capital, so tourists can always be on the lookout for this popular joint wherever their adventures take them.

  • Address: 225 W. Washington St. Indianapolis, IN 46204317-632-0765
  • Business hours: Monday to Friday (7 am – 3 pm), Saturday & Sunday (8 am – 3 pm)

For lunch and dinner:

King Dough Pizza

This local pizzeria is the perfect place to stop by for a lunchtime pizza. Specializing in handmade pizzas prepared from classic recipes, customers can choose from a wide selection, including vegetarian, gluten-free, and vegan pies.

The menu features starters such as fried calamari, homemade meatballs, and salads. The fresh and high-quality food makes Kind Dough Pizza a crowd favorite in Indianapolis.

  • Address: 452 N Highland Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46202, USA
  • Business hours: Thursday–Sunday from noon to 9 pm, Monday–Wednesday from 4 pm to 9 pm

St. Elmo Steak House

Indy is big on meat, and residents converge at this lively spot to get a tantalizing taste of dry-age steak and fresh seafood. The menu impresses with a mix of traditional steakhouse options like wedge salads and shrimp co*cktails served with sweet sauces on the side.

The bar seating area features large kitchen windows that allow customers to watch all the action as chefs prepare the meals. There’s also a wine cellar with thousands of fine bottles guests can indulge in while waiting for the meal.

  • Address: 127 Illinois St, Indianapolis, IN 46225, USA
  • Business hours: Sunday to Friday (4 pm - 10 pm), Saturday (3 pm - 10 pm)

For drinks:

The Rathskeller

Hoosier capital is famous for its numerous craft breweries, and The Rathskeller represents the best of what the city has to offer. This vibrant joint offers a mix of Bavarian ambiance and great beverages in the downtown Mass Ave district.

The sprawling facility features a dining room, event area, and spacious outdoor with picnic tables where patrons converge to enjoy a refreshing craft beer while watching live entertainment.

  • Address: 401 E Michigan St, Indianapolis, IN 46204, USA
  • Business hours: Sunday to Thursday (11 am - 9 pm), Friday & Saturday (11 am – 10 pm)

16 Indianapolis Travel Guide: What To Know When Visiting

10 Things To Do In Indianapolis: Complete Guide To Traveling Around Indy (21)

An aerial view of Indianapolis after dark

Indianapolis, also known as Indy and Naptown, is the capital of Indiana and the most populous city, with over 800,000 residents. Indy is renowned for its friendly and down-to-earth locals, so don’t hesitate to stop a stranger for directions. Hoosiers are always happy to lend a helping hand.

The city is centrally located in the state and the country, at the intersection of four major interstate highways. This is why it is sometimes referred to as the Crossroads to America. Thanks to this, adventure travelers get easy access to various charming small Indiana towns worth exploring and extend the fun with a visit to Chicago, just three hours away.

What is the weather like in Indy?

Indianapolis experiences a typical Midwestern climate, and the unpredictable weather can swing from cozy sunny to dull rainy without warning. A warm 70-degree Fahrenheit day could be followed by a wet and cold day.

Is it worth visiting Indianapolis?

Absolutely! Indianapolis is best known for its races and professional sports, but it also has an artsy side.

Check out Indianapolis' tourism site for maps and guides to everything from accessible attractions to the best spots to park.

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17 How To Spend The Perfect Day In Indianapolis

10 Things To Do In Indianapolis: Complete Guide To Traveling Around Indy (22)

View of the Indiana State Courthouse, Indianapolis, Indiana

How do you spend a day in Indy? With all the things to do in Indianapolis, packing everything into a single day is nearly impossible. Here are some highlights to make the most of 24 hours in Indy.

Start the day with a hearty breakfast at Milktooth and enjoy luscious dishes like grilled cheese, Dutch pancakes, and potato latkes. Head to the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis for fun family time and learning opportunities for the young.

Catch a ride to Mass Ave and explore the numerous stores in the area. Be sure to stop by The Flying Cupcake for a sweet treat and Global Gifts, Silver in the City, to get a cute souvenir to take back home.

For lunch, King Dough Pizza will be perfect for rejuvenating and stocking up on energy reserves in preparation for the afternoon’s adventure. Afterward, discover the over 30,000 plant types and at least 1000 animal species at the Indy Zoo before visiting the Monument Circle to honor fallen heroes at the Soldiers and Sailors Memorial.

Before the day ends, tour the iconic Indianapolis Motor Speedway for an exciting go-kart drive and hop into St. Elmo’s Steak House for a sumptuous shrimp co*cktail with a side of spicy sauce.

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10 Things To Do In Indianapolis: Complete Guide To Traveling Around Indy (2024)
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